Kitty Magician

Digital Forensics and Intrusions Analyst

Digital Forensics Tools

FireKitty - Digital Artefact Extractor for DiscordApp.

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IceKitty - Digital Artefact Extractor for TeamSpeak.

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Note:These tools are for Research Only!. No warrenty of any kind is provided, Please use at your own risk.
Other Tools/Projects

InvictaTTS - free text to speech software

Aegis - Web interface for scanning files with YARA

Valkyrie - COVID-19 community support sms bot

VirtQueue - Making Physical Queueing Virtual

About Me

I'm a graduate with previous experience working as an Intrusions Analyst at Electronic Arts.

I have a First Class degree in B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Forensics and Security.

My research interests are based around Video Games Forensics, I have also guest lectured in the subject of game security.

Specialist Areas Include...

Guest Talks/Lectures

I have conducted Guest Lecturers on behalf of societies and universties. Subject areas I have discussed before include...


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Contact Me

You can contact me via my contact form.

I will not respond to messages about Electronic Arts/Police. Sorry!

Please Note: The views and opinions on this site are those expressed are that of my own and do not reflect that of my current or previous employeers.

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